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Are you a Fitness Professional, Personal Trainer, Sports Coach; member of a Uniformed Service or Public Service in the UK; or member of a UK National Governing Body? Then you could qualify for preferential pricing.

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Fitness & Sports Science

Sports Science

HaB Direct - Sports SciecneAt HaB Direct we select products, devices and equipment on merit that concentrate on the application of science to maximise sports preparation, performance and recovery.  From pioneering POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle trainers; EMG systems for analysing muscle function; gait analysis for biomechanics in sport; to ATS altitude training systems for simulated altitude training, and high precision instruments for monitoring vital signs.

Fitness Testing and Sports Training

Fitness TestingAt HaB Direct we provide products and equipment for fitness tests that vary dramatically in complexity; from the very simple Sit and Reach test as a measure of flexibility), or Sprint Tests (such as Smartspeed to measure speed), to the very complex (maximal treadmill exercise VO2max test, such as with HP Cosmos treadmills, and Ganshorn CPET) to measure Aerobic Fitness.

Physio supplies for the Treatment of Sports Injuries

FREES1At HaB Direct we know that when an injury occurs it’s important that an athlete recover as quickly as possible, that’s why we’ve selected specialised Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation equipment for treating injuries - from essential basics including sports strapping and tape, to more complex physiotherapy devices for the treatment and management of sports injuries.

Fitness Equipment for Strength and Conditioning

fitness_equipment2Fitness professionals, sports scientists, physical educationalists, fitness coaches, sports professionals and the home fitness enthusiast will find HaB Direct a large fitness equipment and sports training resource for speed, agility, power and Strength Conditioning.

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