Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a chronic disease affecting around 422 million people worldwide. Indications of diabetes are an increase in levels of blood glucose which can lead to damage of the blood vessels and heart, leading to problems with the nerves, kidneys and eyes. But 100 years ago in the 20th Century, a medical breakthrough made the […]

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New Sports Therapy Facility At Bishop Burton College

Bishop Burton College is a specialist, technical college in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It also offers extremely successful sports performance academies for different disciplines. And now, with their new three career-focused pathways on the BTEC Level 3 Sport course, there is also a new, dedicated sport facility. This will include industry leading equipment for […]

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Help Patients Recover From Stroke Symptoms

According to the WHO, every year there are 15 million people who suffer a stroke worldwide. The common term ‘stroke’ refers to the way stroke symptoms ‘strike’ people down. However, the medical term for a stroke is cerebrovascular accident (CVA). There are actually several types of stroke due to their many causes. Types Of Stroke […]

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Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Treadmill For Newcastle University

Teaching of Newcastle University’s Sport and Exercise Science degree takes place in the Faculty of Medical Sciences. These new facilities for research and teaching feature a biomechanics laboratory, physiology laboratory and high-performance suite. HaB Direct is proud to provide new equipment for these facilities, including the recent h/p/cosmos Pulsar 3P cardiopulmonary exercise testing treadmill. “We […]

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Walking Rails For Rehab At New Hospital

The National Rehabilitation Hospital, Ireland, are sourcing solutions for their new hospital. They spoke to us about the h/p/cosmos Parawalk as they are also looking for new walking rails for rehab, to replace their older parallel bars. “They’ve been very useful as a sturdy support for balance practice with children of different heights, and the […]

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New College Durham’s New Treadmill For AEP & Podiatry

New College Durham is the recent recipient of a university grade h/p/cosmos treadmill, for use in applied exercise physiology (AEP) and podiatry. This outstanding provider of further and higher education set out to look for a dual-purpose treadmill. Their undergraduate sports students were in need of a treadmill for running exercise protocols. Also, their podiatry students […]

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Football Recovery Equipment For Newcastle United FC

HaB Direct recently paid a visit to Darsley Park, the training ground of Premier League football club, Newcastle United. The reason being, to install their new football recovery equipment in their purpose-built Training Centre. Football Recovery Equipment After installation, players for Newcastle United FC will be able to use their new ContrastSpa Duo contrast bathing […]

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Increase Athletic Performance with Monark Test and Training Bike

Djurgården Hockey, Sweden’s most successful ice hockey team, is using the Monark LC2 ergometer to increase athletic performance. Monark’s collaboration with Djurgården Hockey is helping these elite players to achieve exceptional athletic performance. Increase Athletic Performance Because ice hockey places huge demands on the body, it requires a very high level of strength and physical […]

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