The three pillars of success in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation

Patients with orthopedic or neurological disorders will require specialised rehabilitation programmes. Such programmes are designed to help alleviate their symptoms. These programmes will also help patients to relearn motor skills and regain some independence.

There are three pillars of success for long-term orthopedic and rehabilitation programmes, and the h/p/cosmos Robowalk system supports all three.

Pillar 1: Motivating the patient

The h/p/cosmos Robowalk system uses a safety arch, arm support and un-weighting system (body-weight support). This helps the patient to feel safe and secure. It also makes the therapist feel comfortable during the session. And because both patient and therapist feel safe, motivation is boosted.

Pillar 2: Correct movement pattern / physiological gait

The Robowalk Expander system helps the patient to move. And with the help and guidance from the therapist, the patient is able to learn the correct physiological gait. Robowalk is an active gait correction (AGC) system.

Pillar 3: Repetition of movement

Patients with neurologic problems, such as stroke patients, often suffer from early onset fatigue. This will affect the therapy being successful or not. For successful rehabilitation, the patient must repeat the correct movement several times. This helps them to re-learn a physiological gait pattern based on neuroplasticity. But for therapists, this is an exhausting process.

The Robowalk system, in conjunction with the locomotion treadmill with ergonomic therapist seats, is the ideal system to enable this important third pillar “repetition of movement”. Not only will it help patients walk with better physiological gait pattern, but it also helps therapists too, thanks to the inclusion of therapist seats.

h/p/cosmos Robowalk in action

You can see the h/p/cosmos Robowalk in action in this video. It was taken at Neue Leben, Technology and Robotics Center for Rehabilitation in Costa Rica.


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