Anyone for tennis?

It’s Wimbledon time again and with much tennis being played, tennis elbow is a condition many players may face. This condition causes pain around the outside of the elbow. It’s caused by strenuous overuse of the tendons and muscles near the elbow joint. But it’s not only tennis players that can suffer; anyone participating in any activity that causes continuous overuse can experience it. In fact golfer’s experience something similar, known as golfer’s elbow.

Speed up recovery for tennis elbow

There is a treatment that can be used to help improve symptoms and speed up recovery.

Both tennis and golfer’s elbow is caused by muscle and tendon strain that results in inflammation. Ice therapy will help reduce swelling and pain by reducing blood flow to that specific area.

Ice therapy with CET CryoSpa

CET CryoSpas offer a very affordable - and simple - option for recovery. They don’t require bucket loads of ice, and they don’t require constant cleaning. And in addition to individual and team units, there is now a CET CryoSpa Mini that targets the problem of tennis and golfer’s elbow. In fact it was developed specifically to target the problem of pitcher’s elbow when the Blue Jays were challenged with a potential career ending injury for some of baseball’s most valuable players.

The compact design of the easy-to-use Mini means it is very portable. This makes it an ideal recovery tool to take to away matches, or to use at home. The built-in chiller with digital temperature controller enables the water to chill as low as 5C (41F). Combined with massage jets it provides intense chilling and accelerated recovery for the lower arm, which makes it ideal for throwing, racquet sports and golf.

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