The cornerstone of Bodystat’s philosophy is the promotion of health and wellbeing through the use of BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology. To this end Bodystat has developed an App specifically for the Bodystat 1500 and the Bodystat 1500MDD. The main aim of the App is to enhance the motivation of the test recipient (i.e. the End User) in adhering to their health and fitness regime. This is a free App which can be downloaded through i-tunes.

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Bodystat has been a key player in the expansion of body composition knowledge since 1990, during which time they have collected what they believe to be the largest data base of body composition data in the world. Using this wealth of information they have developed the Bodystat Age formula. This proprietary formula is completely unique to Bodystat and is representative of the body’s real age based on current body composition.

Key Features of the App for the End User:

  • Motivate me section with the unique Bodystat age
  • Star collection for added motivation! 
  • Graphical representation of your test results 
  • Edit feature for tests
  • Star feature for motivation
  • Receive personalised comments from your personal trainer 
  • Reminds you of your next appointment with your personal trainer
  • Interesting and informative help section
  • Fun hints and tips

Key Features for the Personal Trainer:

  • The Personal Trainer’s name appears throughout the App – acting as a constant reminder
  • The next appointment with the client is stored in the App
  • Your contact details are stored and easily accessible on the App
  • You can enter words of encouragement to remind and motivate your client


  • Operates with the 1500 Series only.
  • App is ‘locked down’ and will only operate when the Personal Trainer has entered a correct serial number of either a Bodystat 1500 or Bodystat 1500MDD. Multiple Personal Trainers can be added within the App.
  • Metric or imperial options available.
  • User can easily change personal details. 
  • Currently the App is only available in English.

What platform is the App for?

Currently the Bodystat Series 1500 App has been designed for Apple.

How much is it?

The App is free.

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