Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a chronic disease affecting around 422 million people worldwide. Indications of diabetes are an increase in levels of blood glucose which can lead to damage of the blood vessels and heart, leading to problems with the nerves, kidneys and eyes. But 100 years ago in the 20th Century, a medical breakthrough made the […]

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Help Patients Recover From Stroke Symptoms

According to the WHO, every year there are 15 million people who suffer a stroke worldwide. The common term ‘stroke’ refers to the way stroke symptoms ‘strike’ people down. However, the medical term for a stroke is cerebrovascular accident (CVA). There are actually several types of stroke due to their many causes. Types Of Stroke […]

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Wheelchair Accessible Treadmill from Monark

Monark is best known for setting the industry standard in ergometers, thanks to their accuracy. Because of this, they are in use in hospitals, healthcare facilities, sports medicine institutions and research laboratories across the world. Now, as a result of extensive medical research and top-class Swedish engineering, Monark have designed a wheelchair accessible treadmill with easy […]

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Forget BMI – It’s No Longer Enough

BMI (body mass index) has traditionally been the value used to measure a healthy weight for a client’s height. But it is not able to distinguish body fat from muscle and water, which is essential in helping a member or client reach their goals. BIA gives more specific data BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) however is […]

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Stationary Bikes in ICU Aid Faster Recovery

The Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport is making headlines. Why? Because it is finding new ways to help ICU patients recover faster. They are using stationary bikes as a ‘stepping stone into rehabilitation’. Stationary Bikes in ICU Aid Faster Recovery The hospital is placing exercise bikes next to patients’ beds in the Intensive Care Unit. And now […]

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Use of Pulse Oximeters in COPD

NICE recommends the use of pulse oximeters in the management of exacerbations of COPD. You can find the recommendation in July’s update of the NICE guideline [NG115] for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in over 16s. Use of pulse oximeters in COPD The NICE guideline 1.3.28 states, “Pulse oximeters should be available to all healthcare […]

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Exercise for Older Adults

The National Health Service (NHS) for England recommends exercise for older adults needs to consist of both aerobic exercise and strength exercise. This will help people over the age of 65 to stay healthy or improve their health. However, they also point out that the amount of exercise for staying healthy in old age depends […]

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