Increase Athletic Performance with Monark Test and Training Bike

Djurgården Hockey, Sweden’s most successful ice hockey team, is using the Monark LC2 ergometer to increase athletic performance. Monark’s collaboration with Djurgården Hockey is helping these elite players to achieve exceptional athletic performance. Increase Athletic Performance Because ice hockey places huge demands on the body, it requires a very high level of strength and physical […]

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Lactate Testing Used by Football Teams in the English Premier League

EKF Diagnostic’s Biosen series of glucose and lactate testing analysers provide lab accurate measurement in one test. Because of this, they have become the brand of choice in diabetes clinics and laboratories. In fact, all Biosen analysers include an interface that will connect to hospital or lab information systems (LIS). Not only are they accurate […]

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Wheelchair Accessible Treadmill from Monark

Monark is best known for setting the industry standard in ergometers, thanks to their accuracy. Because of this, they are in use in hospitals, healthcare facilities, sports medicine institutions and research laboratories across the world. Now, as a result of extensive medical research and top-class Swedish engineering, Monark have designed a wheelchair accessible treadmill with easy […]

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Why Football Players Take Ice Baths

On the pitch, footballers perform around 700 changes of direction. In addition, during the 90 minutes of play, they will also cover over 10 kilometres during the game. Because of this, football players need a large anaerobic capacity to cope with running at high-intensity and sprinting speeds. They also need a strategy to help them […]

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HaB Direct’s Remote Learning Packs for Students

(Offer ends 31st July) HaB Direct’s Remote Learning Packs for students offer the support your students will require to ensure they are able to continue completing practical-based work, whilst regular access to labs may prove to be challenging. These new packs not only help students in their learning, but they will also provide students with […]

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Altitude Training – at home

Athletes in a number of sports now widely incorporate altitude training into their sports training. This may be with a visit to an altitude camp, or by using systems in-house to simulate altitude. However, restriction on travel due to COVID-19 means attending an altitude training camp is not possible. Therefore, the latter option for simulated […]

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Breathing at Altitude

As the COVID-19 lockdown imposes travel restrictions, an altitude training camp seems inconceivable this year. As an athlete in a competitive sport, training at altitude is all part of the training programme to improve your performance at sea level. But even during an altitude training camp, breathing at altitude is still going to be a […]

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