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The premier ice bath solution

Helping your players to maximise recovery1 and minimise injury2 by combating fatigue3 – currently used by AC Milan, Manchester City FC, Fulham FC, Bisham Abbey, Glasgow Warriors, FC Bruges, Brooklyn Nets and many more.

  • Are you fed up using low-quality ice baths for post-exercise recovery – constantly cleaning, fetching and carrying ice?
  • Are you tired trying to manually regulate the temperature in your ice bath?
  • Do you want to help your players to recover faster and train harder?

You can start winning today with the CET CryoSpa - your permanent solution!

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 Effective Ice Bath Recovery

To the successful sports person, adequate recovery following intense training sessions is absolutely key to minimising fatigue, reducing the risk of injury and increasing performance.

Gregory Dupont of Lille FC/University of Lille examined 4 common interventions and concluded that the main strategies for post-exercise recovery were:

  • Good Diet
  • Good Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Cold Water Immersion

The first three are lifestyle factors which are essential for the maintenance of health and are crucial to performance in elite and non-elite sport alike. Good sleep is generally considered to be a minimum of 8 hours undisturbed sleep.

The main intervention singled out for post-exercise by Gregory Dupont et al is cold water immersion. Other common interventions such as sports massage, light recovery, compression garments etc are considered to be supplementary.

For cold water immersion, many people would simply fill their bath tub with cold water and ice - something which is more labour intensive and costly than you might think.

For effective CWI, the number 1 choice should be the CET CryoSpa ice bath. Ideal for 2-3 people at a time, the CryoSpa ice bath has a unique patent protected design5 and is now 'an integral recovery strategy 6' for many professional sports clubs. Its flexibility means it can be used by a wide range of people with varying tolerances for cold.

Benefits of Ice Baths


  • Shorter recovery time post-exercise.
  • Faster resolution of soft tissue injuries.
  • Reduces fatigue - lowers the risk of injury.
  • Treats muscle / joint soreness, strain and inflammation.
  • Promotes neural and cardio vascular system recovery.

About CryoSpa

  • Temperature range from 1C to 14C [34F to 55F].
  • 20+ Massage Jets - placement of the jets are patent protected.
  • 100 sq ft filtration.
  • High concentration of regular and epsom salts.
  • Effective infection control.
  • Three year guarantee on spa body.

There are a variety of options available from Sports to Team systems. Call for details.

  • 230v / 1 / 50hz (EU)
  • 230v / 1 / 60hz (US)
    115v / 1 / 60hz (US)
  • CryoSpa:
    c. 1.55m x 0.8m x 1.2m [L x W x H]
    c. 61" x 32" x 48"
  • Steps: c. 0.55m wide (c. 22")
  • Empty: c. 200 kg / 440 lbs
  • Full: c. 750 kg / 1650 lbs
  • 20+ Massage Jets
  • 1.5kw Jet Pump
Steps & Rails
  • Stainless Steel Safety Steps
  • Stainless Steel Safety Rails
  • Low noise low temperature chiller
  • Choice of RAL colours
  • Wall Mounting Brackets
  • Ladder instead of steps for small rooms

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