Double 25m Lane Swimming Module with x4 Pumps


Swimming Training at Altitude has never been easier with the POWERbreathe Altitude Systems (PBAS) Swimming Module Range. This double lane, 25m structure floats perfectly on the water's surface to create a seal. Supplied with 4 pumps, it is easy to inflate and manoeuvre into position. 

All PBAS inflatables are created using patented technology. Customers cannot acquire these technologically advanced market-leading products anywhere else.

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POWERbreathe® Altitude Training Systems (PBAS)

Simulated Altitude Training is fast becoming an essential part of athletes training programmes by being incorporated into fitness, sports science and sports performance facilities. It is also beneficial for any amateur who is looking to advance their training methods.

PBAS has come about as a logical extension of the successful POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training System, which helps improve the strength and endurance of your breathing muscles, including the diaphragm and Intercostals, delaying the point at which the metaboreflex kicks in. PBAS has been developed to further delay the metaboreflex trigger point by training the body to become accustomed to limited oxygen. Working alongside leading international experts in Human Performance and Sports Science, as well as professionals with specialist knowledge and experience in Altitude Simulation equipment product development and production, HaB is pleased to announce the launch of the PBAS state of the art modular membrane technology, offering clients improved performance capabilities, flexibility, portability and affordability.

POWERbreathe Altitude Portable Inflatables

POWERbreathe Altitude Systems can be used with PBAS Inflatables, which include a patented ‘Safety Air Release System’ technology to prevent over-inflation. All PBAS Inflatables are THERMAL WELDED with German technology – the ultimate method of producing an inflatable product.

Swimming Tunnel Module: Double 25m Lane Swimming Module with 4 Pumps

  • 25m Length
  • 5.2m Width
  • 1.7m Height

A bespoke design service is available on request. For further information, including a complete list of the products in the PBAS range, please call HaB Direct.  

Note: The Double 25m Lane Swimming Module must be powered by the full PBAS (Room-based System).


Dimensions (L x W x H in cm): 2500 x 520 x 170

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