At HaB Direct we pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality products, backed up by unrivalled after sales service and support. We fully understand that in the environments you are working in, it is imperative that all of the equipment we supply remains in full working order and is checked and calibrated annually, where necessary.


Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100

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Annual services are required for many laboratory accreditation schemes; failure to undertake these services may results in your laboratory not achieving accreditation or re-accreditation.

Our service engineers are highly skilled and trained individuals, who regularly undertake product service training here in the UK and abroad on all our major products to ensure they keep up to speed with the latest requirements; allowing us to offer complete onsite service and maintenance contracts* annually. With current legislation for Health and Safety being of the upmost importance, we strongly recommend that your equipment be regularly serviced for the following reasons:

* On-site service is not available on all products.

· To maximise the life of your products and provide value for money

· To meet Health and Safety guidelines

· To limit the possibility of injury to you or your clients

· To limit the amount of ‘downtime’ throughout the year

· To maintain the warranty

Due to the wide range of equipment we have a variety of different service options available.

Services are available for the following products:

Basic testing equipment

  • Dynamometer Digital
  • Seca  Products
  • Harpenden  Skinfold Caliper


Products such as Dynamometers, scales, etc. can be returned to our service centre for repair and/or calibration.

h/p/cosmos treadmills

HP Cosmos Installation HP Cosmos Tread Mill HP Cosmos Support

As you may or may not be aware, h/p/cosmos treadmills come with a 20-year warranty on the frame and motor- providing h/p/cosmos accredited service engineers service them annually. Here at HaB Direct, we are not only the sole distributors of h/p/cosmos treadmills into the UK and Ireland but also the sole service engineers in the UK and Ireland. Therefore, to maintain the warranty of your machine all servicing and repair work must be undertaken by us. The service not only includes a full functionality check and clean, but also a complete calibration- to h/p/cosmos exacting standards.

Marpo Kinetic rope climber machines

Our service engineers are highly skilled and fully trained by the relevant manufacturer. We can offer a complete tailor-made, on-site service and maintenance contract at regular intervals throughout the year, annually or for a number of years.

Fusion Sport

  • Smartspeed Products
  • Smartspeed Smart Link
  • Smartspeed

HaB Direct has been certified as a service and repair centre for Fusion Sports products. Therefore, our skilled service engineers can undertake any repair or battery replacements required on your Smartspeed system.

POWERbreathe K-series

Our skilled service engineers are available to repair your POWERbreathe K-Series device should it be needed. Your unit can also be returned for re-calibration should you require it. Due to the complexity of the work and due to requiring specialist equipment, this type of work cannot be carried out on-site and the unit must be returned to our service and repair centre.

POWERbreathe Altitude Training Systems

The service engineers have been trained by POWERbreathe Altitude Training Systems to ensure we can offer full and comprehensive support for all your altitude training equipment. Whether it is your bespoke room, inflatable or masked-based system, our service engineers can undertake the necessary service and repairs to ensure you have an optimally working system.

Due to the complexity of these machines it is imperative they are cared for. It is recommended our service engineers service them annually. However, due to the sophisticated equipment and technical knowledge required, it may be possible to have a loan unit whilst your unit is being serviced.

Delivery and installation

Some of our larger pieces of equipment such as treadmills and bespoke POWERbreathe Altitude Training System rooms require installation by our trained installation engineers. To help us with the quotation process we usually require you to complete our simple pre-installation form and return to us. This provides us with invaluable information regarding the type of installation required e.g. ground floor/first floor, lift/stairs, vehicle access, door widths, etc. The delivery and installation cost will be dependent on this information.

Product training

Due to the technical nature of a number of our products we offer on-site product training for your technical team with our product support specialist after the installation is complete. If you require follow up training or training for new members of staff, we can also arrange follow-up sessions. To discuss your training requirements and training costs, please contact us at or on +44 (0)1926 816100.

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