Obesity Awareness Week 2018

January 8 – 14 is Obesity Awareness Week. It always starts at the beginning of January. This is a time when everyone thinks about their health and fitness and make New Year resolutions; resolutions such as stopping smoking, losing weight or starting an exercise regimen.

Purpose of Obesity Awareness Week

The objective of this awareness week is to help improve the nation’s health. This may include cutting out snacks, eating healthier meals or becoming more physically active.

Importance of Awareness Week

Being overweight has become a huge problem worldwide. In Europe, Britain is the most obese country, with numbers on the rise. It is now affecting more than two-thirds of men, and six in ten women are considered to be overweight. The hope is that by raising awareness of the health implications caused by obesity, it will help to reverse the trend.

How To Make Changes

Although short-term weight loss can make a difference, it’s lifestyle changes that help reduce obesity long term. Lifestyle changes can be made through diet and the amount of physical activity undertaken. A combination of the two will ensure long-term health benefits.

Monitor Body Composition

Paying attention to body composition is a great way to lose weight healthily. Body composition is the percentage of body weight that is fat, muscle or bone. Having an excess of fat in relation to lean body mass can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Therefore analysing body composition can allow for early intervention and prevention.

Measure Body Composition

Body composition can be measured using body composition analysers, such as Bodystat and body fat calipers, such as Harpenden.

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