Osmocheck Urine Analysis Unit

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Osmocheck is a portable, personal Osmometer, calibrated from 0 to 1500mOsmols/kgH20, for use with urine to give an instant measure of dehydration. Doing strenuous exercise whilst being dehydrated is not conducive to peak performance and can be positively dangerous.

Osmocheck is a hand-held digital refractometer calibrated in mOsmols/kg H20 and will be of great value to individual sports men and women and to Sports Physiologists who wish to monitor performance during training and is proving to be especially useful in weight making sports such as boxing and light weight rowing.

Only a few drops of urine is required for an instant reading. Early morning urine samples are recommended when urine is in equilibrium with the body.

Early morning urine samples are recommended. Readings above 600m Osmols indicate that rehydration is advisable, and over 800 m Osmols that it is essential.

Please Note: Osmocheck can only produce an indicative reading of urine Osmolality and should not be used on any other fluids.  For true measurements of Osmolality, a Freezing point Osmometer is recommended.

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