Blood Analysers

A range of analysers for testing blood lactate. These are useful for sports scientists and coaches for measuring the by-product, lactate, in athletes. Measuring the concentration of blood lactate is common practice during performance testing of athletes. A blood lactate test helps a coach to understand and prescribe an exercise intensity for each of their athletes. It also helps to evaluate an underlying pathology during a stress test in athletes.

At HaB Direct we offer a range of blood analysers for use in the field and in the lab.

A hand-held blood analyser, such as the industry standard Lactate Pro 2 and bestselling Lactate Scout 4, both offer portable blood lactate testing.

Lab analysers at HaB Direct offer glucose and blood lactate testing, as well as, the EKF Diagnostics Altair™️ 240 that offers full chemistry analysis. Biosen, from EKF Diagnostics, provides lab accurate glucose and blood lactate measurement in one test.

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