Blood Analysers

High levels of blood lactate are common in patients who are critically unwell. You might prescribe a blood lactate test to a patient if you suspect their lactate levels are disrupting their pH balance. Blood lactate is also useful in assigning patients with sepsis in the ICU. It is also a useful indicator for the medical emergency team (M Schollin-Borg et al, 2016). Therefore blood analysers that are reliable and accurate is essential.

Precision-Made Blood Analysers For Your Medical Setting

Our range of lab-accurate blood analysers are ideal for taking a blood lactate test at the bedside, in the clinic and in hospital. The EKF Diagnostics Biosen range provides lab accurate glucose and blood lactate analysis that is ideal for GP surgeries. Other point of care blood analysers by EKF Diagnostics include fully automated desktop solutions for monitoring and managing diabetes. Their Hemo Control blood analyser is useful for the routine screening of anaemia in patients.

Our professional sales team are available to help you choose the most suitable blood analyser for your requirements. You can contact us by calling 01926 816100 or by enquiring via our website here.

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