Alcohol Pads

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Single-use alcohol pads for skin cleansing and hygiene.

A box of 100 pads, individually wrapped in sealed foil pouches, containing 70% isopropyl alcohol.

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A box of 100 single-use alcohol pads for skin cleansing and hygiene.

Each alcohol wipe is individually wrapped in seal foil pouches for freshness and contains 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Alcohol pads must be used correctly if they are to reduce bacterial load on the skin prior to injection.

It is recommended to only swab in one direction with the alcohol pad because during the first wipe, the pad will become contaminated, and if it is then wiped back over the site the bacteria and skin cells it has picked up will be deposited back to the intended cleansing site.

It is also recommended to allow the skin to dry naturally as the bactericidal effect of the alcohol pad occurs when the alcohol is partially absorbed by the cell walls of the bacteria, as the alcohol evaporates, it destroys the cell walls, and the bacteria die. Any sort of physical drying of the skin prevents this from happening, and also runs the risk of contamination.

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