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CET CryoSpas ColdSpa Inflatable

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The ColdSpa Inflatable is the mobile ice bath solution for single athletes and teams and can be used when and where you want.

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Therapy On The Move ®

Do your athletes or players compete regularly away from home, preventing optimum post-exercise recovery protocols, such as cold-water immersion using a conventional ice bath or CryoSpa?

Are you fed up using low quality ice baths without a chiller, meaning you have to source ice and spend time trying to manually regulate the temperature in the ice bath? A pointless task as the temperature rises rapidly after usage by the first few players.

Wouldn’t it be great if your inflatable ColdSpa ice bath included digitally controlled temperature so that your players could achieve optimal recovery even when away from home? And even better if it all came in a standard sized Transit Case?

With the CET ColdSpa you can benefit from the convenience of an Inflatable Ice Bath without the drawbacks:

  • Quality Therapy on the Move.
  • Precise temperature control without the inconvenience of ice.
  • Convenient Transit Case.

The CET ColdSpa includes a digitally controlled chiller and an inflatable ice bath which accommodates up to 4 athletes – your mobile ice bath therapy solution.

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Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


  • Ice bath recovery available even for away matches.
  • Reduce fatigue – lower the risk of injury.
  • Maintain the optimum temperature to maximise recovery.

Benefits for Staff

  • Easy to setup and dismantle.
  • No need for ice.
  • Digitally controlled chiller maintains the required water temperature.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Short treatment times due to intense cold.


  • Digitally controlled temperature down to 1°C.
  • Convenient wheeled transit case.
  • Easy to inflate or deflate.
  • Chiller, pump and blower included.
  • Plug & play design.
  • Quick Release Fittings
  • RCD / GCFI protected power cable.
  • 12 months guarantee on the chiller.


  • Inflate the spa and connect to chiller.
  • Fill two thirds full with water.
  • Pre-chill to desired temperature.
  • After use empty water and wipe clean.
  • Dry off and store in transit case for next use.



  • 230v / 1 / 50hz
  • 115v / 1 / 60hz

Transit Case Dimensions

  • 0.78m x 0.58m x 0.9m (L x W x H)
  • 31″ x 23″ x 35″

Transit Case Weight

  • 70kg (154 lbs)

Inflatable Spa Dimensions

  • 1.6m diameter by 0.8m deep
  • 63″ x 32″


  • Low noise low temperature chiller


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