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CryoSpa Ice Baths

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CryoSpa is a premier ice bath solution for effective ice bath recovery.

There are 3 full-size solutions and a mini version for lower arm therapy. Full-size solutions are the CryoSpa Sport, Team Sport and ContrastSpa Duo.

As used by:

  • AC Milan
  • Manchester United
  • Manchester City FC
  • Team GB (London 2012)
  • The English Institute of Sport
  • Wimbledon
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The range of icebaths offered by CryoSpa make this method of cold water immersion (CWI) more convenient, more effective and more affordable to use than conventional ice baths.

Each CryoSpa has the optimum combination of turbulence, thermostatically controlled temperature (from 1C to 14C), salinity and pressure (due to depth of water). This provides not only a highly effective modality at an affordable cost, but also a number of distinct advantages when compared to alternative modalities.

Benefits of cryospa

The benefits of the CryoSpa are numerous for the athlete’s body: the digitally controlled temperature, via a high-performance chiller, combined with the unique positioning of the jets maximise the therapeutic effect in order to keep players on top of their game. All these factors form an integral part of the recovery strategy, delivering optimum athlete recovery, which minimises fatigue and helps prevent injury.

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CryoSpa Bath

CryoSpa Sport, Team CryoSpa Sport, ContrastSpa Duo


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  • Shorter recovery time post-exercise.
  • Faster resolution of soft tissue injuries.
  • Reduces fatigue – lowers the risk of injury.
  • Treats muscle / joint soreness, strain and inflammation.
  • Promotes neural and cardiovascular system recovery.


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