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CET CryoSpas CryoSpa Sport Ice Baths

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The premier ice bath solution

The CryoSpa Sport offers optimum ice bath therapy and has proven to be an integral part of recovery strategy for many professional sports clubs, stadiums and elite sports facilities, accelerating athlete recovery, minimising fatigue and lowering the risk of injury.

Ideal for two to four athletes, it has 20 jets and a unique patent protected design. The temperature of the CryoSpa Sport can be controlled down to 1°C / 34°F, which enables you to set a temperature to accommodate the requirements of the athletes.

Whether your athletes, or your team, need to recover quickly for the next match, or competitive round, or they have sustained soft tissue trauma the CryoSpa Sport delivers faster recovery and superior therapeutic effect when compared to traditional cold tubs and cold plunge pools.

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The range of icebaths offered by CryoSpa make this method of cold water immersion (CWI) more convenient, more effective and more affordable to use than conventional ice baths.

The CET CryoSpas CryoSpa Sport consists of a single ice bath with one set of steps. The use of one CryoSpa Sport ice-bath allows for the following combinations:

  • CryoSpa Sport (1 x cold only)
  • ThermoSpa (1 x hot only)
  • CryoSpa Sport hot & cold (1 x hot & cold)


Each CryoSpa has the optimum combination of turbulence, thermostatically controlled temperature (from 1C to 14C), salinity and pressure (due to depth of water). This provides not only a highly effective modality at an affordable cost, but also a number of distinct advantages when compared to alternative modalities.

Each CryoSpa Sport can accommodate 2 to 4 athletes, enabling the whole squad of players to get through quickly, saving time post match or post training.

The temperature of each CryoSpa Sport salt-water cold tub can be individually controlled down to 1°C / 34°F, which enables you to set different temperatures in each one to accommodate individual athlete preferences.

Benefits of cryospa

The benefits of the CryoSpa are numerous for the athlete’s body: the digitally controlled temperature, via a high-performance chiller, combined with the unique positioning of the jets maximise the therapeutic effect in order to keep players on top of their game. All these factors form an integral part of the recovery strategy, delivering optimum athlete recovery, which minimises fatigue and helps prevent injury.

Benefits for Athletes

  • Shorter recovery time post-exercise.
  • Reduce fatigue and lower the risk of injury.
  • Low temperature salt-water facilitates faster resolution of soft tissue injuries.
  • Treat muscle and joint soreness and soft tissue strains.
  • Combat hypoxic injury due to excessive inflammation.
  • Promote neural and cardio vascular system recovery.
  • Minimise delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

Benefits for Staff

  • Easy to maintain saving on labour and cost.
  • Effective filtration keeps the water clear.
  • Digitally controlled chiller maintains the required water temperature.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Short treatment times due to intense cold.


Additional information


CryoSpa Sport (1 x Cold Only), ThermoSpa (1 x Hot Only) (Up to 35 Degrees), CryoSpa Sport Hot & Cold (1 x Hot and Cold)


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Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


Features include

  • Temperature range 1C to 14C [34F to 55F] for the CryoSpa.
  • Temperature range up to 40C [104F] for the ThermoSpa.
  • Hydrostatic pressure and 20 Massage Jets per Spa.
  • Penetrating cold / heat for effective therapy and short treatment times.
  • High salt concentration in the CryoSpa aids infection control.
  • 100 sq ft filtration per spa keeps the water clear.
  • CryoSpa with high quality low temperature digitally controlled chiller.
  • Digitally controlled heater with display on the ThermoSpa.
  • Stainless steel safety rail and steps.
  • Two year guarantee on spa body.


You can vary the therapy according to your requirements

  • Simply chill / warm up in the water without the massage jets on for a less intense ice / hot bath experience.
  • Turn the 20 massage jets on for penetrating cold / heat and the optimum post-exercise recovery.
  • Adjust the air nozzles to minimize or maximize the massage effect.
  • Opening the air nozzles fully maximizes the power of the massage giving an optimum therapeutic effect ideal for post-exercise recovery.

Four Treatment Modalities

  • Sit on top for ankle therapy
  • Stand on step for submersion to mid-thigh
  • Stand in deep end for submersion to waist depth
  • Sit on step for full body submersion



  • 230v / 1 / 50hz
  • 230v / 1 / 60hz
  • 115v / 1 / 60hz

Dimensions of each Spa

  • c. 1.55m x 0.80m x 1.20m [L x W x H]
    c. 61″ x 32″ x 48″
  • Steps: c. 0.55m wide (c. 22″)

Weight of each Spa

  • Empty: c. 200 kg / 441 lbs
  • Full: c. 750 kg / 1650 lbs


  • 20 Massage Jets per Spa
  • 1.5kw Jet Pump per Spa

Steps & Rails

  • Stainless Steel Steps and Safety Rails


  • Low noise low temperature chiller


  • Stainless steel brackets for wall mounting the chiller.


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