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Dry Gas Meter (230V)

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Dry Gas Meter adapted for experimental use.

Use to measure the volume of gas drawn into a Douglas Bag System or the volume of expired gases collected in a Douglas Bag.

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This industrial dry gas meter has been adapted specifically for experimental use.

  • Diaphragm-type, positive displacement meter (accurate to ±1.5%)
  • Optically-coupled detector drives a 4-digit LED display in cumulative 0.1 litre increments (range: 0.1 – 999.9 L); electrical zero reset
  • A 2.5 mm output socket produces a TTL compatible, 5 V pulse with each 0.1-litre increment.
  • Portable
  • Operates on 9V transistor battery (included)

The inlet and outlet tubing connections fit the two most frequently selected hose sizes for gas equipment. Hoses with a nominal bore of 22 mm fit directly onto the first step of the connectors. A tapered fitting accepts the 30 mm airway systems with such equipment as Douglas Bags.

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