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Ganshorn PowerCube Body

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The body plethysmography is a very sensitive lung measurement used to detect complex or mixed lung pathology that might be missed with conventional pulmonary function tests. The body box makes it easy to detect the whole lung volume including the thoracic gas volume. It also determines the airway resistance, which makes the diagnosis of specific disorders fast and simple.

The new GANSHORN body plethysmograph PowerCube Body is the result of decades of our experience in constructing body plethysmographs whilst using the latest technology. Upmost long-term stability in conjunction with our new analysis algorithms enables you to initially differentiate between asthma, COPD, restriction or any combination of these disorders just by looking at the shape of the curve. Unlike conventional, basic systems the resistance loops will not be automatically closed but are corrected for BTPS according to the ambient conditions on a breath-by-breath basis.

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The PowerCube Body is the first body cabin on the market:

  • to use ultrasonic flow measurement as standard
  • that is calibration free
  • to have an easily adjustable patient interface
  • to offer a choice of either a broad bench seat (max. 160 kg) or a height-adjustable swivel chair (max. 120 kg)
  • with automatic and simultaneous calibration of both the cabin and the mouth pressure at three different frequencies
  • that offers a BodyLiveCal to test your TGV
  • with ceiling lighting that can illuminate in different colours, including white
  • with LEDs indicating the locked state of the door


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Single breath diffusion real time, Bronchial provocation, N2 washout, FRC rebreathing, Capnometry, Emphysema test



Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland

Measurement Programmes

  • Spirometry/flow-volume
  • MVV
  • Body plethysmography (resistance loop: SRtot, SReff, Rtot, Reff, Rin, Rex, lung volume: TGV, TLC, RV, RV%TLC u.a.m.)
  • ROCC
  • PImax/ PEmax/ P100
  • Offline input of blood gas values


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