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h/p/cosmos gaitway 3D Instrumented Treadmill Ergometer

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Used by Carnegie School of Sport, Leeds Beckett University

The new gaitway 3D is a joint design by h/p/cosmos and Arsalis. It measures the ground reaction forces and torques in three directions and comes in three different sizes: each size is optimized for a range of speeds.

The gaitway 3D offers a rigid construction to record optimal quality signals. The functionalities include a patient weighing scale, a recording of the ground reaction forces at rates up to 10 kHz, left and right force measurement for the vertical force during walking and an extensive list of biomechanical parameters of normal and pathological gaits.

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The h/p/cosmos® gaitway® 3d is different and consists of one large single platform that does not have a split belt. It is available in different running deck sizes like 150/50, 170/65 and 190/65cm.

As running consist of single contact phases (just one foot on the ground at a time), the treadmill is perfect to measure forces also at higher speeds. The ample running surface encourages a natural running position. Moving slightly forward or sideward does not affect the measurement accuracy.

Also when walking on the treadmill, the subjects do not need to worry about the position. They are not required to place the heel on the front belt, nor are they forced to hit the right belt with the right foot and vice versa. When walking on a single platform, the load cells will measure a sum of left and right limb forces, but only in the double stance phase. A dedicated algorithm can decompose this sum. The procedure was published some years ago and improved in subsequent years (Davis & Cavanagh, 1993; Dierick et al, 2004; Meurisse et al, 2016, Raison et al, 2005). This algorithm is validated now for both healthy and clinical gait and published in highly rated journals.

Functionalities & Biomechanical parameters

  • Online feedback to user (e.g. for training facilities)
  • Data recording & analysis (e.g. for research facilities)
  • Patient evaluation (e.g. for clinical research facilities)

System performance Features

Extremely wide measuring range
Excellent measuring accuracy
Built-in amplifier with acquisition system
LAN connection
Control & acquisition software included
Start and stop trigger inputs and digital trigger output for integration with EMG and motion analysis systems
Raw data accessible via interface
Also available in economic 1 component ground reaction force Fz version incl. 25% inclination (h/p/cosmos treadmill gaitway III)

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Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland

Biomechanical Parameters

  • Step length, width, frequency
  • Swing / stance durations
  • Contact / aerial durations
  • Stride asymmetry
  • Force peaks (push-off, landing)
  • Force vector orientation
  • Loading and unloading rate
  • Left / Right foot for vertical force
  • More biomechanical parameters

Measured and Computed Signals

  • 3D Force (Fz, Fy, Fx)
  • Center of Pressure (Opx, Opy)
  • Moments (Mx, My)
  • Frictional Torque (Tz)
  • Belt speed


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