h/p/cosmos Quasar Treadmill

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The h/p/cosmos quasar treadmill series has models suitable for training in high-performance sport and fitness, commercial fitness, school sports, human performance diagnostics, sports sciences, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, cardiac rehab and cardiopulmonary exercise testing.

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The treadmill h/p/cosmos quasar has a wide running surface and provides the runner a very good running comfort. The Running Technique of tall Athletes is not compromised. The treadmill can be used in the fields of Sports, professional sports or motion analysis.

The h/p/cosmos quasar has a multitude of upgrade options including, speed, downhill, handrails and software. It is widely used in training, testing sports performers and used with sports science and human performance research.

The h/p/cosmos quasar LT treadmill does not include a user terminal, it has been designed to be used in conjunction with other medical devices such as cardiopulmonary exercise testing systems or ECG. h/p/cosmos sports devices meet the following technical safety standards and legal demands for sports application: CE, IEC EN 60335-1, EN 957-1 and EN 957-6 as well as VDE 0700/0701.

According to EU-provisions it is prohibited to place sports running machines in the medical field.

The h/p/cosmos quasar Med and quasar MED LT are suitable for Medical Applications.

Additional information

Running Surface

L: 170 cm (5ft 6.9"), B: 65 cm (2ft 1.6")

Speed Range

0 – 25.0 km/h, 0 – 6.9 m/s, 0 – 15.5 mph


0 – 28%, 0 – 15.6°

Motorised Adjustment

-28 % – +28 % when using optional reverse belt rotation'


RS232 com1 with 9600 bps including PC-protocol, h/p/cosmos coscom® & printer protocol serial

Usage Class

S, I according to ISO 20957-1

Accuracy Class

A (high accuracy) according to EN 957-6


Quasar, Quasar LT, Quasar Med, Quasar Med LT, Quasar Med 3P




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