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h/p/cosmos torqualizer arm ef 600 Upper Body Arm Ergometer

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Not only do h/p/cosmos produce their world renowned high-performance and rehabilitation treadmills, they also produce Sport & Fitness and Medical model variant upper body arm ergometers.

The main working can unit easily be moved up and down for seated or standing work, whilst the seat can also be removed completely to allow easy access for wheelchair users. The unit can be used both in a forward and backward motion.

A multi-coloured, back-lit display provides users with bio-feedback on an easy to read display.

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The torqualizer arm ef 600 upper body arm ergometer from h/p/cosmos is an RPM-dependent and Indepdent upper body arm ergometer, available in both Sport & Fitness and Medical model versions. The main unit has a gas spring adjustable drive unit to allow for easy vertical adjustment for either seated or standing work. The optional adjustable arm crank length also provides further assistance for those users with mobility problems.

The seat is readily adjustably horizontally and can be removed fully for easy access for wheelchair users.

The upper body arm ergometer has an easy to use, multicoloured, backlit display with bio-feedback provided on the screen for users, perfect for easy viewing whilst using the device. Additionally, as the device does not need electrical power, it can easily be moved and positioned in any part of your facility, ensuring optimisation of space.

The torqualizer arm ef 600 also has an RS232 interface to connect with external devices and can be used in both a forward and backward motion.

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Model Variations

torqualizer® arm ef 600, incl. crank lever adjustable in length, torqualizer® arm ef med 600 wall incl. crank lever adjustable in length

Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


  • Multi-color backlit display with bio-feedback
  • RS232 interface (not galvanically isolated)
  • Forward and backward movement as standard feature (only basic program package available)
  • Gas spring adjustable drive unit
  • Adjustable height for training whilst standing or seated
  • Horizontally adjustable seat
  • Easy removal of seat for wheelchair access
  • RPM-dependent and independent mode


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