Harpenden Anthropometer

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The Harpenden Anthropometer is a versatile anthropometric tool used to measure standing height, sitting height and arm length.It is supplied in a well-made carrying case, complete with straight and recurved branches, a spare counter and beam extensions for measuring of heights up to two metres.

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The Harpenden Anthropometer is a counter recording instrument which can be effortlessly operated from the tips of its branches. The tactile feeling allows the user to feel his way to his desired measuring points, due to this, Harpenden Anthropometers provide a level of accuracy not possible with conventional anthropometers.

The Harpenden Anthropometer gives a direct reading, to the nearest millimetre, over a range of 50mm to 570mm.

Harpenden Anthropometers, constructed of light alloy, operate via miniature ball-bearing rollers in order to ensure a fluid movement without cross-play.

The Harpenden Anthropometer includes:

  • Straight and recurved branches.
  • Spare counter.
  • Beam extensions
  • Carry case

The University of London Institute of Child Health worked in close collaboration with Harpenden to produce their range of Anthropometric devices.

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50mm – 570mm




Harpenden Anthropometer features include:

  • Direct & accurate reading to the nearest millimetre.
  • 50mm to 570mm range.
  • Provides a high level of accuracy.
  • Constructed of light alloy.
  • Supplied in carrying case.


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