Lactate Pro Test Strips

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Lactate Pro test strips for use with the original Lactate Pro meter.

This box of 25 lactate test strips for the Lactate Pro meter allows you to measure blood lactate levels in 60 seconds using 5 µl of blood.

Each strip is individually foiled wrapped for freshness.

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A Box of 25 Lactate Pro test strips for the Lactate Pro meter.

Easy-to-use: Simply insert the Lactate Pro Test Strip into the strip inlet of the Lactate Pro point-of-care (PoC) meter and it is ready to take a sample.

This box of 25 lactate test strips for the Lactate Pro meter is simple and easy to use, requiring 5 µl of blood per sample (approximately 2mm diameter drop), which produces a blood lactate measurement value in just 60 seconds.

Please note, following the Lactate Pro Analyser being discontinued back in 2014, the strips will be discontinued by the end of this year. Our current stock has a use by date of December 2019. 

Lactate Pro adopts the electro-chemical measurement method utilising an enzyme reaction.

Additional information

Dimensions15 × 10 × 15 cm
Sample Size

5 µl


60 seconds


25 strips per box

For use with

Lactate Pro Meter only


Individually Foil Wrapped



How to use

  1. Peel a Test Strip packet to the line indicated and insert it into the Strip Inlet of the Test Meter.
  2. A beep will be heard, and “88.8” will appear in the display.
  3. Disinfect the finger you will draw blood from and dry it thoroughly.
  4. Use the lancing device on your finger and press the finger until a drop of blood forms. Use a new needle every time.
  5. Apply pressure to the surrounding site to obtain a drop of blood. The required amount of blood is 5 µl.
  6. Sweat will affect the test result. It is recommended to wipe the lanced area with a gauze and alcohol as the first drop of blood may contain sweat.
  7. Apply pressure to the surrounding site again to obtain another drop of blood.
  8. The blood is aspirated automatically.
  9. In 60 seconds, the test result of blood lactate level will appear in the display.
  10. Using the original foil packet, grasp the used Test Strip as shown above and dispose of correctly.


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