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Lactate Scout+ Solo

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The Lactate Scout range of blood analysers are simple to use and designed to quickly deliver accurate results to aid the diagnosis of anaemia, diabetes and associated conditions. EKF analysers are used in more than 70 countries by healthcare professionals in blood banks, GP surgeries, diabetes clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, sports medicine and laboratories.

The Lactate Scout+ Solo lactate analyser is used in sports medicine diagnosis for medical supervision, in physiotherapy and recreation and compliments laboratory analysis.

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Lactate Scout+ Solo is a hand-held device that requires just 0.5ul of capillary blood and returns results in 10 seconds. Up to 250 results can be stored on the device which also features stopwatch and countdown timers for performance measurement.

Lactate Scout+ Solo has been designed to be used ‘in the field’ as a training companion for individuals or sports teams. Because lactate is an important measurement for many different types of athletes the Scout operates in temperatures from 5-45 centigrade and up to 85% humidity.

Two ‘AAA’ batteries are all that is required to perform over 1,000 tests, and with pre-calibrated test strips and automated self-test, the Lactate Scout is the easiest and most reliable portable lactate analyser available.

Lactate Scout+ Solo is an accredited medical device according to EU directive IVD (CE 0483 / 0123). High ergonomic and security standards are guaranteed in personal use or for medical application.

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  • Single- and Step test measurements (Resting / Exercise / Recreation)
  • Memory for 250 readings incl. storage place, date, time and training level
  • PC-link for cable / Bluetooth-connection, supported by many 3rd parties*
  • Free visualization/management software Lactate Scout Assistant
  • Timer functions (stopwatch, free countdown setting, step test calculation)
  • Comfort & easy handling by patented scroll wheel-button
  • Temperature control/compensation by the integrated sensor
  • Haematocrit compensation by innovative test strip design
  • Automatic switch on / switch off by inserting/removing the test strip
  • Power save mode (batteries can be used for > 1.000 measurements)


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