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Marpo V250 Weight-Assist Rope Trainer

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The Marpo V250 is a weight-assisted Rope Trainer that simulates actual rope climbing. The seat moves and levitates with the user for instant feedback and a true climbing experience that engages the core, back, arms and grip.

The weight-assist offsets body weight to allow people of all fitness levels to benefit from this uniquely effective exercise.

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The Marpo V250 weight-assisted Rope Trainer features a quick-release seat to allow for lower body exercises, standing exercises and wheelchair accessibility. It delivers an exceptional strength and cardio-conditioning workout that is as intense as it is safe.

The Marpo V250 weight-assisted Rope Trainer is a versatile piece of gym equipment that provides a fitness training, strength and power building, cardiovascular workout, all in one exercise machine.
The V-Series of Marpo Rope Trainers are currently in use at health clubs, educational establishments, military installations and sports clubs.

The V250 offers a wide variety of exercises that target user’s entire body. It allows users to exercise sitting or kneeling on the seat, or removing the seat altogether (with the quick-release feature) and exercising from a standing position or from a wheelchair. It can also be used in reverse, i.e. pulling the rope up instead of pulling down.

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  • One unit enables strength, cardio or rehabilitation exercises
  • Up to 250 lbs (113 kg) of weight assist enables a wide range of workout options
  • 7 resistance settings with dynamic breaking system that adapts to each user
  • Bi-directional: pull down or pull up
  • A specially designed rope is soft and easy to grip, yet durable and long-lasting
  • Electronic display tracks distance, time, speed and calories

1 review for Marpo V250 Weight-Assist Rope Trainer

  1. Brett Livingstone May 22nd 2017

    Marpo differentiates our club from the competition. Marpo’s not yet in every Anytime Fitness club and it sets my facility apart.
    The Marpo Rope Trainer is easy to use. Anyone can use it as you will see by the different demographics in the club in my video. The product is intuitive and people naturally know what to do.
    It’s used by trainers as well as members, and is functional.
    It can be used for specific parts of the body as well as the entire body.
    The Marpo Rope Trainer can be used for both Cardio and Strength

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