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Marpo VMX Dual

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The Marpo VMX Dual Rope Trainer is a multi-user, multi-mode, multi-functional training system; a solution that provides a fully adaptable cross-training experience with ease of use and safety in one dynamic workstation.

The VMX Dual Rope Trainer features multi-mode adjustment for vertical, diagonal, horizontal and reverse pull. The easy-to-adjust sliding carriage allows for increased versatility for strength, cardio and functional training. The ability to alternate rope heights, grips and pull directions makes the VMX Rope Trainer the ultimate re-grip training tool.



Much the same as the Marpo Three60, the VMX Dual offers 2 VMX stations (without seats) making it extremely space saving while maximising usability.

The VMX Dual enables competitive challenges, multi-user training sessions, and full body strength, power and/or endurance workouts.

The Marpo VMX Dual achieves total body fitness with the dynamic intensity and safety of Rope Training.

Full body strength, power and/or endurance workouts The Dynamic Magnetic Braking (DMB) System builds functional grip strength through dynamic grip and re-grip patterns and consistently provides optimal resistance that can be adjusted for endurance, strength, power or combination training The rope angle can also be adjusted to provide an array of functional movement patterns – push, pull, squat, lunge, bend and rotate. This VMX Dual Trainer does not include benches. The units are bolted together back to back.

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Marpo Kinetics

Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland

Dynamic Resistance Range

0.05 – 90.7kg, 1 – 200lbs

Brake System



  • Brake mechanism allows for bi-directional rope pulling
  • Sliding carriage enables quick and easy rope mode changes; vertical, diagonal, horizontal
  • The specially designed rope is soft, easy to grip, durable and long lasting
  • Electronic display tracks distance, time, speed and calories


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