Metabolic Simulator with Mass Flow Controller

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What this device can be used for?

Produce an exact, simulated VO2 and VCO2 to verify the overall accuracy of a metabolic measurement system and its software
Check the accuracy of any flow / volume measurement device
Simulate breathing at rates from 6 to 80 breaths per minute
Check the effects of various gas mixtures on a flow sensor.



Why Metabolic Calibration?
Ideally, the respiratory and metabolic variables (TV, RR, VE, VO2, VCO2) generated by the simulator should be indistinguishable from those produced by humans. The simulator produces and controls those variables very precisely. Consequently, one can test any breath-by-breath or mixing chamber metabolic measurement system with high accuracy and full confidence.
Metabolic Calibration uses the principle of mass preservation to create known VO2 and VCO2. The principle of mass preservation dictates that the chosen mass flow of CO2 and O2 remains unchanged regardless of the ventilatory dilution (i.e. the minute ventilation that delivers it into the system under calibration).
This top of the line metabolic calibration gas titration device consists of a Mass Flow Controller capable of delivering any set point flow of this gas (~21%CO2, 79%N2) within a range of 0 – 20 litres/min STPD and a Set Point Module (SPM) which enables selection of desired mass flows.
Four switch-selected cal gas flow values of approx. 4.85, 9.70, 14.55 and 19.40 correspond to approx. 1, 2, 3 and 4 litres per minute of VO2 and VCO2. (Model 17057 has additional 5 and 6 litre settings) The exact value will depend on physical parameters, such as barometric pressure, air temperature and relative humidity. The provided O2CAL.xls spreadsheet software enable precise determination of the selected metabolic rate and the percentage error of the metabolic measurement system being calibrated.
The remaining two positions of the SPM’s rotary switch correspond to a Zero flow setting and a continuous 10-turn potentiometer-operated selection of any desired mass flow within the range of 0 – 20 L/min STPD.
Metabolic Calibration accuracy is /-1% VO2 & VCO2.
Most flow sensors are typically calibrated with a fixed volume manual syringe, but little is known about the performance of that flow sensor over the whole physiological range.
This device includes a mass flow controller to produce precise Metabolic Calibration gas mixtures to verify VO2 and VCO2. It provides highest accuracy and ease of adjustment.
So how does this affect the accuracy of your ventilation measurements (and ultimately VO2) when you have calibrated the flow sensor at some unknown manual stroke speed, then use the sensor for low-flow paediatric or resting measurements, or high flow VO2max measurements?
Other possible uses of this device:

This variable speed motor-driven calibration syringe will check the accuracy and repeatability of any flow sensor over the range from 3 to 240 L/min of VE
Produce any mixture of two gases and change that mixture on-the-fly
Generate custom low-O2 mixtures for simulated high altitude training
Quality Control of flow/volume sensing devices.

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