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Monark LC6 Novo

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The Monark LC6 Novo is the New Generation of Monark Bike.

The LC/LT series was developed for athletes and scientists looking for the highest level of performance.

  • Fully adjustable for true cycling position
  • Customizable for specific testing needs
  • Speed independent accuracy
  • Accurate cycling feeling
  • Easily to control and calibrate
  • Easy to connect to external devices
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In many applications, the ergometer is part of a bigger system. Monark LC6 Novo is adapted and equipped to be controlled from external systems like ECG, Spirometry, Metabolic carts or PC programmes. With the same specifications and features as LC7 (except touch screen) the LC6 becomes a perfect tool for anyone executes Vo2 max or stress test high-performance area.

For the most reliable, accurate and adaptable bicycle training and research in sport medicine, there is the LC7 & LC6.
Perfect fit with fully adjustable setting of the seat position within 20 cm horizontally. The new improved seatpost allows for accurate adjustment with a firm fixing of both the saddle and seat post. Scale in centimeters on the side for optimal settings. Adjustability in all directions creates the perfect cycling position and improves upon the classic Monark bike feeling without affecting the rigidity of the frame. Monark’s classic bike feeling is even improved with LC7 & LC6, new Q-factor and updated resistance system makes the feeling complete. The Q-factor is essential for a genuine roadbike feeling. The LC7 & LC6 uses the same bottom bracket shell as ordinary roadbikes and both the bottom bracket and cranks are easy to change. Exchangeable and upgradable components allow for complete customization for an athlete’s specific needs. Also with “perfect fit” stem and handlebar, fully adjustable for height and length. With an adjustable length of 20 cm´s this gives you the perfect tool when adjusting positions or trying out new equipment.

Open Source allows increased connectivity. With technological developments being made all the time, adapting to your testing needs can only get easier. Monark LC7 & LC6 is also available and adaptable. Standard components for easy exchange and upgrades of parts like crank systems. Channels and plates prepared for measurement equipment and software accessible for external devices. Monark LC7 & LC6 is a great bike as it is, but now also easy to adapt for your specific needs.

Modern Force Small adjustments – big improvements. Calibration still has to be done to keep results accurate, so on the LC7 & LC6 the procedure is improved for better safety and accuracy. With the updated braking system of LC7 & LC6 old force is speed independent, quickly adjusted but still controllable during use. Monark has always been known for accuracy, now it is even improved.

Furthermore, advanced speed independent (constant power) accuracy provides the most reliable data. The LC7 & LC6 sets a new standard in sports science, now it just comes down to the rider.

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Test Software

Monark Test Software allows you to manage and control the bike from the software. Calculation of VO2max by Åstrand, WHO or YMCA. The software also allows the programming of Custom protocol or Manual control. The tests will be stored and can be synchronized between different computers and users

Use for 939E, 839E, 928G3, 831E, LC7, LC6 and LC4, LT2, RT2 and RC6.

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