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Monark LT2

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The NextGen Monark LT2 was developed for athletes and scientists looking for serious levels of training in both traditional cardio and interval training.

As with all of the Monark range, the Monark LT2 bike offers complete assurance in quality and safety. The Monark LT2 comes with a unique gearbox resistance allowing for quick adjustment and fine-tuning that is easier to use than a weighted basket.

Designed for high intensity and interval training, the unique resistance control enabled unmatched opportunities for precision training.

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The Monark LT2 with SPRINT Resistance Function is the first of it´s kind and is designed for training with constant loads and also for exercise sprints.

It comes offered with the 3 modules common to all the new Monark range – Perfect Fit, Modern Force and Open Source.

Easy to use with quick steps and a small lever for fine-tuning, the Monark LT2 is perfect for interval and sprint training and easier to use than a weight basket.

Additional information


White, Black


EU directive, 93/42/EU class IIa


Sports, Perfect Fit




20kg, 44lb


RPM, Heart Rate (Ant , 5kHz), Time, Speed, Distance, Watt



Max User Weight

180kg, 396lb



Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


  • LCD Display Unit showing Time, Kcal, Heart Rate, Speed, Distance, RPM and METS
  • Racing seat with gel for extra comfort
  • Manual workload control
  • Unique SPRINT resistance function
  • Connectable to PC for reading data
  • No power adapter required
  • Built-in ANT and 5kHz heart rate receiver
  • Easy to change cranks (52t chain ring)
  • Unique “Gearbox” resistance method for quick adjustment
  • Fully adjustable for true cycling position
  • Speed independent accuracy
  • Accurate cycling feeling
  • Easily to control and calibrate
  • Easy to connect to external devices
  • Unique manual power control
  • Measures heart rate via chestbelt or handlebars
  • Offers the possibility of performing different tests thanks to the accurate workload which can be calibrated
  • Direct connection to PC
  • Customisable, can use own saddle, handlebar or pedals
  • Easy calibration


Test Software

Monark Test Software allows you to manage and control the bike from the software. Calculation of VO2max by Åstrand, WHO or YMCA. The software also allows the programming of Custom protocol or Manual control. The tests will be stored and can be synchronized between different computers and users

Use for 939E, 839E, 928G3, 831E, LC7, LC6 and LC4, LT2, RT2 and RC6.

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