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Multi Stage Fitness Test (CD)

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The Multi stage Fitness Test (also known as beep test, bleep test and shuttle run test) is available on CD and contains the CD, a booklet containing full instructions and VO2 max tables.

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The Multi-Stage Fitness Test is a sub-maximal aerobic ‘bleep’ or ‘beep’ test that is based on established scientific research and is now the most reliable and easy to use fitness test. It is used by the Rugby Football Union, sports clubs, in education and by the armed forces and emergency services to determine fitness levels.

The Multistage Fitness Test comes with instructions and a table explaining the results so you don’t need to be a scientist to use it. All you need is two markers placed 20 metres apart. Performers run between markers while the bleep intervals become progressively shorter as the levels increase.
After the main test, 3 further tracks have been added. They last for 8 minutes each and are equivalent to Level 7, Level 11 and Level 15 of the test. Sports scientists may find these extended levels useful as a field test, where running speed and exercise intensity can be easily controlled for large groups of people.

The Multistage Fitness Test Pack contains:

  • CD
  • Booklet with full instructions
  • VO2 max tables

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