Nissei DS1902 Auto-Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor

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The Nissei DS-1902 Auto-Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor is considered by Nissei to be the ‘Jack of all Trades’ and minimizes unnecessary inflation and measuring time while maximizing measuring comfort.

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The Nissei DS-1902 Auto-Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor has eliminated irritation from cuff inflation by measuring at the time of inflation. Unlike regular blood pressure measurement that reads oscillation during inflation after cuff is inflated to a certain amount, the reading starts during inflation and it stops as the systolic blood pressure is taken, which is the end measurement, and the air in the cuff is rapidly exhausted immediately. The cuff inflation is so gradual and gentle that the measurement is done almost before you realize the inflation.

To achieve measurement in even less time, the Nissei DS-1902 features a ‘Personal Mode’. With this ‘Personal Mode’, the inflation is carried out just to the appropriate amount, at the ideal rate, which is determined from the past three measurements.

The Nissei DS-1902 Auto-Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor features ‘Irregular Pulse Rhythm Indication’ to ensure correct measurement and to suggest the possibility of arrhythmias, and the wide cuff range enables it to be applied to arm circumference of 23 – 43cm without the need for a large cuff size.

Additional information


Oscillometric method


12-digit LCD

Pressure Indication Range

0 to 300 mmHg

Measuring Range

50 – 250 mmHg (systolic), 40 – 140 mmHg (diastolic), 40 – 160 pulses/min (pulse rate)


+/- 3 mmHg (blood pressure), +/- 5% of reading (pulse rate)'


Automatic, Air Pump


Automatic quick exhaust valve


2 memory banks each with 30 measurement results and their average stored with memory delete and 1 neutral memory bank

Operating Temperature

+10 degrees C to +40 degrees C, 85% relative humidity or below'



Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Cannot be shipped to USA


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