Nissei BO-750 FingerTip Pulse Oximeter

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The Nissei BO-750 fingertip pulse oximeter easily measures the amount of oxygen in the blood that flows through the arteries (arterial oxygen saturation level) at the fingertips. The oximeter is designed to measure %SpO2 and pulse rate accurately, quickly and simply. Nissei uses high precision optical components and sophisticated analogue-digital circuits. This Nissei BO-750 fingertip pulse oximeter is designed for professional use in medical institutions.

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Nissei’s BO-750 FingerTip Pulse Oximeter is calibrated to display functional oxygen saturation analysed from pulse wave length detected with two high-precision LEDs emitting infrared and visible red lights individually from one side and a photo diode receiving these lights passing through fingertip at the other side. Peak wavelength range (provided for the utility of clinicians performing photodynamic therapy etc.):

  • Red light : 655~665nm (typical value: 660nm)
  • Infrared light : 880~910nm (typical value: 900nm)

Maximum optical output power:

  • Red light : 29.0mW
  • Infrared light : 10.5mW (component spec. under the condition of IF=20mA)

BO-750BT FingerTip Pulse Oximeter (WITH Bluetooth connectivity) Features:

  • Data communication function with Smartphone
  • Auto display switching
  • Memory function
  • Backlight function with 2 colours
  • Conformance to ISO 80601-2-61:2011
  • PI (Perfusion Index) indication
  • Memory of the last measurement
  • Protection class IP22

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Oximeter, Oximeter with Bluetooth


  • Robust body design is impact resistant.
  • Built-in acceleration rate sensor automatically rotates the view by 180 degrees depending on the orientation.
  • Antibacterial agents are combined at the point of fingertip insertion.
  • Display window has a UV coating for chemical resistance.
  • Dual colour backlighting.
  • Equipped with an energy conservation mode that reduces brightness 15 seconds after a reading.
  • Meets ISO standards in an “evaluation test of SpO2 precision levels on humans”.


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