Omron MicroAIR U100

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The Omron MicroAir U100 is a small, portable nebuliser that allows patients to take their medication wherever and whenever they need it.

MicroAir U100 is designed to treat respiratory conditions of the lower airways, such as bronchitis, COPD and Asthma.

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Traditional nebulizers can be bulky and require a power outlet to work, however, the battery-operated MicroAir U100 combats this. Compact and travel-ready, you can take it wherever and whenever you need it.

The unique mesh technology of the MicroAir U100 makes it more efficient and comfortable to use than traditional nebulisers, while the silent operation enables discreet usage. The mesh is a small metal plate with 6000 microscopic holes. The liquid medication is pushed at high speed through the mesh, forming a visible mist of tiny aerosol droplets which is easy to inhale.

Due to the efficient design, the MicroAir U100 can be used in any position, whether lying down, standing up or crouched over.

Additional information

Battery Life

Approx 4 hours

Particle Size

MMAS 4.5μm

Medication Container Capacity

10ml Max


Approx 20db

Nebulisation Rate

>0.25 ml/min

Aerosol Output Rate

0.1 ml/min


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