Osmocheck Urine Analysis Unit

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The Osmocheck has been discontinued. We are currently sourcing a replacement model.

Osmocheck is a portable, personal Osmometer, calibrated from 0 to 1500mOsmols/kgH20, for use with urine to give an instant measure of dehydration.

Doing strenuous exercise whilst being dehydrated is not conducive to peak performance and can be positively dangerous.

Osmocheck is used by a majority of Premiership Football and Rugby Clubs and National Governing Bodies.



Osmocheck is a hand-held digital refractometer calibrated in mOsmols/kg H20 and will be of great value to individual sportsmen and women and to Sports Physiologists who wish to monitor performance during training and is proving to be especially useful in weight making sports such as boxing and lightweight rowing.

Only a few drops of urine is required for an instant reading. Early morning urine samples are recommended when urine is in equilibrium with the body.


Doing strenuous exercise whilst being dehydrated is not conducive to peak performance and can be dangerous.

A reading of greater than 600mOsmols points to the start of dehydration and a reading of over 1000mOsmols is consistent with dehydration. The subject should re-hydrate immediately and stop further exercise until fully hydrated.

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1 review for Osmocheck Urine Analysis Unit

  1. Isabel Whitehead (verified owner) Oct 11th 2018

    Bought this one as the full sized osmometers were out of my price range, but for a portable device, it does the job! Fairly simple to use & get up and running with. It recommends taking a urine sample first thing in the morning though so its more accurate. Satisfied with my purchase thanks.

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