Semi-Permanent Rooms

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POWERbreathe Altitude & Environmental Systems (PBAES) Semi-Permanent Rooms have versatility at their core and can be easily assembled to meet training demands on any given day. Simply order the required number of panels (side, roof and door) to build your ideal sized training room. Each panel is connected with a toughened rubberised connection, creating a strong seal to limit leakage. Please ask for specifications.

power breathe altitude & environmental systems


The panel system design is manufactured from extruded aluminium with 3mm Perspex panels which are thicker than other options available on the market.

PBAES Semi-Permanent Rooms can be powered by both the PBAES Tower and Tower Light Hypoxic Systems, depending on the size of the room.

Please Note: Air Conditioning Systems will be required to supplement these systems.

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