POWERbreathe K4 Electronic Breathing Trainer

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The POWERbreathe K4 offers elite breathing training for individuals whose goal it is to be at the top of their game. The Breathe-Link Software lets you take the guesswork out of your training; monitor and analyse your breathing and view test results on screen, to maximise your potential and performance.

Features of the K4 live feedback Breathe-Link PC Software:


  • Allows a maximum of 10 user profiles and 1200 stored sessions per user
  • Breathe-Link Import and Export feature
  • Breathe-Link PC Graphical View



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The POWERbreathe K-Series features Auto-Optimising Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) that automatically adapts to your own personal training requirements.

Why is this beneficial?

When your lungs are empty, your muscles are at their strongest. As they fill up with air, they gradually lose strength. Physiologically, this is to stop you being able to over-inflate your lungs. If you put a strong resistance against the in-breath, you will only be able to exercise the inspiratory muscle for the first part of the breath. The POWERbreathe K-Series automatically changes the resistance/load, decreasing gradually to match the strength curve of the breathing muscles during an entire breath to maximise the training effect and results.

The POWERbreathe training regime of 30 breaths twice a day, typically takes only a few minutes a day, and when used correctly you should start to feel the benefits within just a few weeks.

POWERbreathe is drug-free and natural with no side effects or drug interactions.

What’s included in the box?

  • POWERbreathe K4 Inspiratory Muscle Trainer
  • Recharging & display stand
  • Instructional DVD (approx: 35-mins)
  • Soft-touch nose-clip
  • Storage pouch
  • 4 cleansing tablets
  • User Manual

Additional information

Training Intensity

Auto, Manual

Training Results

Load, Power, Volume




  • Auto-optimising IMT technology – automatically adapts to your training requirements
  • Advanced variable load training – optimised to match the strength profile of your inspiratory muscles
  • Rapid response valve mechanism used to load inspiratory muscles
  • 4 x Breathing Modes: Training Mode; Warm-up Mode; Cool-down Mode; Relax Mode
  • Simple LCD menu system for navigating through different settings and to view training results
  • Results Display:
    – Latest session load (cmH2O)
    – Inspiratory muscle strength improvement (%)
    – Previous session load (cmH2O)
    – Graphical load history (last 38 sessions)
    – Lung Volume (Litres)
    – Latest session power (Watts)
    – Inspiratory muscle power improvement (%)
    – Previous session power (Watts)
    – Graphical power history (last 38 sessions)
    – Latest session work (Joules)
    – Inspiratory muscle work improvement (%)
    – Previous session work (Joules)
    – Graphical work history (last 38 sessions)
  • Training guidance system, including breathing pacing coach
  • Scientifically proven, pressure threshold training technique
  • Rechargeable
  • A detachable valve assembly for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece design, suitable for adult & paediatric use
  • Ergonomic grip design

The Breathe-Link Software offers PC connectivity via USB, which enables real-time training and performance measuring and testing. The POWERbreathe K4 must be connected to a PC while training, for the software to function.  (The Breathe-Link software is compatible with both PC and Mac computers).

The K4 software is PC compatible (except for Windows 10 S for which it is not compatible). It is also MAC compatible, working on the following MAC OS. Mac software will only work for x86_64 bit architecture.

N.B. Compatibility with Mojave and Catalina 10.15.x is in development. Developers of USB drivers have not yet made their drivers compatible/stable with the latest OS.

  • Version 10.14: Mojave ( beta version )
  • Version 10.13: High Sierra
  • Version 10.12: Sierra
  • Version 10.11: El Capitan
  • Version 10.10: Yosemite
  • Version 10.9: Mavericks
  • Version 10.8: Mountain Lion
  • Version 10.7: Lion
  • Version 10.6: Snow Leopard
  • Version 10.5: Leopard
  • Version 10.4: Tiger

The Breathe-Link software enables you to select specific training and testing parameters and then assess inspiratory muscle condition and follow your training progress.

Smart Breathe-Link Software summary

  • Real-time breathing measurement and analysis
  • Import and export of .bre files (breathing file extension) to allow data sharing amongst Breathe-Link users
  • Real-time, live test feedback in a graphical display with enhanced visual feedback

Use & Care

Quick Start:

  1. Charge the unit.
  2. Power on.
  3. Select ‘start’ from the menu then, select ‘train’.
  4. Put the nose-clip on.
  5. Breathe – until you hear the beep. Repeat for 30 breaths.
  6. View results.

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If you have any doubts about the suitability of POWERbreathe, or you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.

  • Inspiratory muscle training (breathing muscle training), such as training with POWERbreathe, is not recommended for patients with a history of spontaneous pneumothorax (a collapsed lung that was not due to traumatic injury e.g. broken rib), as it may lead to a recurrence of the condition. Following a traumatic pneumothorax and/or broken rib, POWERbreathe should not be used prior to full recovery.
  • Inspiratory muscle training is not suitable for asthma patients who have low symptom perception and who suffer from frequent sever exacerbations. Inspiratory muscle training is not suitable for anyone who has recently experienced a perforated eardrum. Anyone who is under the age of 16 should only use POWERbreathe with supervision from an adult.

Declaration of Conformity

  1. UKCA Declaration of Conformity – Applies to UK ONLY
  2. CE Declaration of Conformity – Applies to EU ONLY


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