Spirobank Re-usable Turbine

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Reusable Turbine Flow Meter with mesh.

Reusable turbines are used with standard adult one-way valve mouthpieces.

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The Reusable Turbine Flow Meter can be used with the following products:

  • Spirolab
  • Spirolab II
  • Spirolab III
  • Spirolab III b/n
  • Spirobank
  • Spirobank usb
  • Spirobank G
  • Spirobank G usb
  • Spirobank II
  • Spirobank II new
  • Spirodoc
  • Spirodoc Spiro Only
  • Minispir new
  • Minispir
  • MiniSpir Oxy
  • MiniFlowmeter

Re-usable turbines are used with standard disposable adult one-way valve mouthpieces.

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