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Are you looking for a healthy and sporty lifestyle? The Sigma iD.LIFE combines the most important functions of a sports watch with an activity tracker and without any smartphone app. The Sigma ID.Life is easy-to-use and easy-to-understand.

You can get all relevant workout values including personal target zones via the heart rate measurement on the wrist, while the activity tracker provides the additional portion of fitness that lies beyond all sporting activities. This makes the iD.LIFE your indispensable workout partner and everyday companion.

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If no target zone is set for the workout, the iD.LIFE will display your workout status based on your current heart rate. Depending on the stress, you will see the status “Recovery”, “Cardio”, “Fitness”, “Performance” or “Speed”.

Target zone calculation

If you select one of the preset target zones, this is calculated based on your maximum heart rate (HRmax): Recovery (0-60% of HRmax): improves metabolism, promotes stress reduction and recovery Cardio (61-70% of HRmax): improves endurance, promotes stress reduction and recovery Fitness (71-80% of HRmax): improves the aerobic fitness level Performance (81-90% of HRmax): improves the maximum performance Speed (>91% of HRmax): improves the speed

Zone indicator

If a target heart rate is set and defined, the graphical zone indicator can be used to determine the relation of the current heart rate to the set zone. The iD.LIFE also gives you feedback via a vibration on your wrist when you cross the target zone. The vibration intervals are defined as follows: HR enters target zone = 1x short vibration HR falls below the target zone for more than 10 sec. = 1x long vibration HR exceeds the target zone for more than 10 sec. = 2x short vibrations

12-month workout statistics

You can view your monthly statistics on workouts and activities at any time. The displayed values are:

  • Number of workouts
  • Workout time, distance, calories,
  • Time in recovery zone, time in cardio zone, time in fitness zone, time in performance zone, time in speed zone.
  • Accomplished trophies (bronze, silver, gold)


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The activity tracker is permanently visible in the lower section of the Start screen. If the activity tracker is disabled, this section remains free. Use the toggle buttons (left and right) to scroll through the values of the activity tracker.

These include steps, calories, day distance, current heart rate, daily target and activity indicator.

Day’s target

id life days target


The day’s target is pre-set to 10,000 steps a day. In the settings, you can customise your target. The day’s target is divided into three trophy stages:

The gold stage is when you complete the daily target 100%.

Activity indicator

id life activity

The activity indicator maps your progress towards the day’s target graphically using a small figure. The closer you get to your destination the bigger the distance covered by the figure.

If the cadence exceeds a certain value, the figure is displayed in the running position. Once the day’s target is reached, there is the winner’s pose.

Current speed / Pace

The current running speed or the pace (min/km) is calculated on the basis of the steps and the cadence.


The distance is calculated on the basis of the steps and the cadence. At a higher cadence, a larger step size is assumed.

Calories counter

During the workout, you can see the calories that you have burned since the start of the unit. The activity tracker also displays the calories consumed every day.

Based on your heart rate, the iD.LIFE shows you in which workout area (for example, cardio, fitness, performance) you are currently in. If you have defined a target heart rate, you can use the graphical zone indicator to determine the relation of your current heart rate to the set zone. The iD.LIFE gives you additional feedback via a vibration alarm when it exceeds or falls short of the target zone.

The heart rate measurement on the wrist is performed by means of an optical sensor, which makes a chest strap obsolete. The heart rate is recorded continuously during a training interval. Your heart rate is displayed on the start screen via the activity tracker even when you are not working out.

In order to read out the stored workout values, no smartphone app or data connection is necessary. Your workout statistics and the activity data are stored in the iD.LIFE and can be viewed at any time.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The principle of heart rate measurement on the wrist is simple:

Light is irradiated onto the skin and an optical sensor measures the reflection of the light. How much light is reflected is influenced, among other things, by how much blood passes through the illuminated spot. The blood flow changes during the beat of the heart. The heart rate is recorded in this way.


Vibrating alarm

The iD.LIFE gives discreet feedback via the vibration alarm, for example, if a day’s target has been achieved and it also helps to monitor the target heart rate better.

This is an important feature, particularly in a noisy environment.

Measurement of daily activity

The iD.LIFE uses a 3D accelerometer. By recognising the striking patterns of movement, steps can be detected and recorded.

The distance is measured using this motion sensor. To adjust the measurement accuracy to your own running style, you can calibrate the iD.LIFE, for example, on the track at a stadium.

Long running time

The integrated lithium battery has a long life of up to 18 days. The iD.LIFE rechargeable battery is fully charged again within a short time using the supplied USB cable.

Large display, optimal readability

The menu items are graphically displayed on the clear display, thus simplifying the operation. The full-dot display provides a rounded user experience. The information is always displayed in optimal size. The iD.LIFE guarantees a good readability and is also suitable for spectacle wearers.


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