Sports-Haler Asthma Inhaler Cover

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The Sports-haler asthma inhaler cover is a next generation, re-usable device for the safe storage, transport, and delivery of asthma reliever medication.

The Sports-haler cover will take a 7.4cm x 2.2cm traditional Ventolin canister.


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Inside the box of the Sports-haler is an adaptor designed specifically for use with a spacer, along with directions on how to use the optional spacer adaptor.

The Sports-haler is a next generation, reusable device for the safe storage, transport and delivery of asthma reliever medication from pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDI’s) and will take a standard, traditional shape and size Ventolin canister. It has been developed for anyone with asthma, but especially for active people with asthma. The design of the Sports-haler enables medication to be carried with safety – and style!

Sports-haler features a retractable mouthpiece for the safe and hygienic delivery of asthma medication, providing the same metered dose in the usual way. Its retractable twist action mouthpiece and sealed body help prevent dirt and moisture entering the reusable device.

The Sports-haler’s weatherproof, hygienic and compact design is perfect for slipping into a pocket while out and about – at work, at the gym, or facing the elements during outdoor pursuits, enabling people with asthma to participate in their sport or activity of choice with confidence, knowing their medication is protected and is easily and quickly accessible.

About Sports-haler Holder:

The Sports-haler with holder comprises one Sports-haler and a strong, robust belt clip that can be threaded onto a belt or armband and clipped over clothing. The holder provides additional protection against the external environment and encloses the Sports-haler with a secure snap lock cover that comes in 3 colours, one of which is colour-coded to the Sports-haler.

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Green, Pink, Red, Yellow


  • Sealed body and flexible end cap to help prevent dirt and moisture from entering the device, increasing user safety
  • Weatherproof, compact design that is hygienic and can be easily cleaned under warm running water
  • Retractable mouthpiece that allows for protection and comfortable carrying in a pocket – there’s no mouthpiece cap to lose, and when closed, the mouthpiece is kept clean and dry
  • Reusable – when your medication canister is empty you simply insert a new one
  • Semi-transparent polypropylene body that allows for easy inspection of medication expiry date
  • Includes a spacer adapter so that it can be used in combination with a spacer
  • Choice of funky colours to reflect individuality and fashion – a colour to match your running gear or gym outfit

How it works

A medication canister is simply inserted into the body of the Sports-haler (in the same way you would a traditional asthma inhaler). The Sports-haler body is then sealed with a flexible end cap.

When needed, the mouthpiece cover is opened by twisting it, allowing the mouthpiece to extend out. The Sports-haler is then used in the traditional way by pressing the end cap to release a metered dose.

After use, the mouthpiece is retracted with a twist action, forming a protective seal.

1 review for Sports-Haler Asthma Inhaler Cover

  1. Brianna (verified owner) Aug 8th 2018

    As a parent with two children who have life-threatening asthma I thoroughly recommend the Sportshaler. No more lost mouthpiece covers, the mouthpiece twists out and then retracts. It’s perfectly sealable and hygienic, keeping out the dust and dirt. The kids love the fact it doesn’t look like an asthma puffer, they especially love the trendy colours. Each child has their own colour, it’s a safe and easy way to ensure their medication doesn’t get mixed up. No more lost puffers falling out of pockets and getting lost in backpacks. The kids are able to safely hang the Sports Haler around their necks and off they go. In an emergency knowing that their asthma medication is on them gives me piece of mind, especially when they are out and about.

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