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Suunto T6c Black

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Suunto’s T6c builds upon a conventional heart rate monitor’s usefulness with two key features: Training Effect and Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).

Training Effect is a quantified measure – ranging between one and five in 0.1 increments – that can be constantly displayed and represents the accumulated fatigue caused by the stress of your workout.

EPOC uses those same personal details in combination with your exercise history and current fitness level to quantify the increased rate of oxygen intake following exercise – another indicator of how useful a workout was but also a way to monitor how well you’re recovering from the effort.

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The sports lab on your wrist – your professional grade tool for training control and analysis.

The Suunto T6c’s accumulated data can be easily transferred to a PC using the included USB dongle and then analysed with Suunto’s own Training Manager software. Coupled with some basic understanding of training principles you can quickly track your progress using the many graphing functions provided


  • Monitor your real-time training effect and EPOC
  • Comprehensive physiological analysis using (data can be downloaded using a USB)
  • Use the altimeter to monitor your hill and altitude performance
  • Customisable screen layout for individual information needs
  • Pair with the included Suunto Comfort Belt to calculate real-time heart rate and calorie consumption
  • Training Manager Software CD included
  • USB cable included


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