Tanita GMONFIT1000 Professional Software

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Professional health monitoring software for use with Tanita’s BC-1000.



The GMONFIT1000 Pro-Health Monitoring Software is an essential tool for those working in the healthcare, weight management, and sports sectors. Specifically designed for use with the BC-1000 Wireless Body Composition Monitor, it can be used to chart progress and trends in body composition measurements over time. These charts can then be converted automatically into a professional report which can be printed out.

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  • Automatically transfers data to PC
  • Monitor progress and set health goals
  • Calculation of personal health risk
  • Unlimited amount of client records stored, tracked and exported
  • Can be exported into a range of other formats
  • Available in 19 languages, including French, Spanish, Russian, and Polish
  • Works on operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8


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