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Tanita MC-980MA

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The Tanita MC980 is one of the latest additions to the Tanita family of professional products. This Multi-Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analyser produces accurate results in seconds.

It is the ultimate tool in providing in-depth information for a truly personalised consultation.



Incorporating the very latest multi-frequency BIA technology together with increased data display via built-in Microsoft ® Windows ® software, the Tanita Multi-Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analyser can perform a full body composition analysis in less than 30 seconds. The data is then displayed on screen and can be easily printed onto a consultation sheet.

Weight loss goals and body fat percentages can be entered, giving the user the ability to track their progress and increase motivation. All user data can be stored and used for detailed trend analysis using data management software.

The MC980 has NAWI and MDD approval for use in medical treatment and counseling. Simplicity at your fingertips Integrated Windows® for maximum flexibility For the first time, a full-fledged Windows® real-time operating system has been integrated to provide maximum flexibility in downloading data, uploading updates, and connecting printers and other accessories for data output. Integrated software in 14 languages The entire integrated software can be displayed in 14 languages (English, German, Spanish, Turkish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Greek and Russian), what the administrative institution and Easy, fast and uncomplicated use.

Interactive Touchscreen

The intelligent and particularly large touch screen display guides the customer effortlessly and interactively through the measuring process. Users can save their profile data for future use or perform a one-time measurement. Full analysis and reporting Tanita has integrated the latest and most advanced BIA technology with 6 critical frequencies to perform a body composition measurement in less than 30 seconds.

With a very low platform design and a high weighing capacity of 300kg, the MC980 is also suitable for heavily overweight patients. After performing the measurement, the user can easily display the detailed information on his results screen by screen. Among the most important metrics are evaluation information in text fields to explain complicated data.

Accessing Previous Measurements

When a user has registered his profile, the body composition analysis is saved. A complete history of the individual measurements can be displayed to highlight progress, thus promoting motivation and understanding the changes in the body over time.

Detailed Advisory

Sheet For each Microsoft® Windows® compatible printer, a complete consultation sheet can be printed for further discussion or future use. For ease of use, the printer can be connected directly to the MC980. Database management function

With the database management system, data can be fully analyzed and processed, for example, for research projects, customer data management or evaluating the effectiveness of the program. Data can easily be downloaded to any compatible PC via a USB port.


The modular design of the MC980 makes transport easy and convenient. Thanks to clever design, the device can be set up in less than 5 minutes? without special equipment or tools. The integrated wheels allow easy transport from place to place.

Complete Analysis in Seconds

The new member of the Tanita family of professional products delivers fast and accurate results in seconds. The information is important to provide personalized and in-depth advice on all aspects of body composition. The ability to register users and track their progress makes the device a valuable tool in demonstrating the effectiveness of acceptance and fitness programs.

Customer Profile

The Tanita logo can be exchanged for any other logo in order to tailor service and advice to the customer. Further details include personal data entry and an ID number of up to 16 alphanumeric characters. Core details of body composition In this chart and graph, the core components of body composition are displayed. The data are displayed in kg and% to give a clear picture of health and fitness status. The ideal value range indicates the general healthy areas, the target value is set as motivation.

BMR / VFR / TBW Analysis

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) indicates how many calories the body needs at rest. This is illustrated by a diagram of the effectiveness of calorie burning. Visceral fat is the harmful fat in the abdominal area. The value indicates whether the level is in the healthy range. The measurements of the water content in the body are particularly important for patients, the elderly, children and athletes.

TBW (Total Body Water) indicates the weight and percentage of water in the body. The value is broken down into extracellular and intracellular water. The ECW / TBW ratio indicates the relationship between extracellular water and the total water content of the body. The optimal value should be around 40%.

Body Value

The Body Value assigns the muscle and body fat percentage to 9 body types. As the levels of activity change over time, the ratio of body fat to muscle also changes, affecting the entire physique. Segment analysis The segmental readings provide detailed information for the arms, legs and torso. By comparing the results with the averages shown in blue and green, the user can directly see how his own fat and muscle proportions are in proportion.

Muscle Mass Balance

Displays the balance of the muscles between the left and right side of the body. Muscle Mass Leg Assessment The user’s physical condition is assigned a rating and presented in comparison to the healthy values by gender and age. The rating is based on the user’s leg muscle mass and body weight. For example, a healthy man between the ages of 20 and 25 should reach a rating of 100.

Additional information

Operating System

Windows 8




MDD Approved NAWI Class III

Weight Capacity

300kg x 0.1kg

Weight Increments




Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


  • Automatic user data storage and data management system
  • Inbuilt software and printouts available in 14 languages
  • Uses non-invasive 8 electrode multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
  • Easy-to-use, high contrast, extra large touch screen display
  • Output to any printer, with an in-depth assessment sheet
  • Inbuilt user data storage

Total Body Readings

  • Body fat %, Fat mass kg,
  • Fat free mass kg,
  • Muscle mass kg,
  • Total BodyWater %,
  • Extra Cellular Water kg,
  • Intra CellularWater kg,
  • Body mass index,
  • Bone mass kg,
  • Physique rating,
  • Visceral fat rating,
  • ECW/TBWratio,
  • Basal Metabolic Rate kcal,
  • Phase Angle,
  • Basal Metabolic Rate indicator
  • Metabolic Age

Segmental Readings

Segmental readings for each leg, arm and trunk

  • Fat percentage,
  • Fat distribution rating,
  • Muscle mass rating,
  • Muscle mass kg,
  • Muscle mass balance,
  • Leg Muscle Score,
  • Body Fat Distribution
  • Reactance/resistance


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