Tanita Portable SC240MA Body Compostion Analyser

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The Tanita SC240MA Portable Body Composition Analyser is the updated version of the best selling Tanita BF350.

At a glance:

  • MDD Approved, NAWI Class III– required for medical assessments
  • Lightweight, scale with essential body fat, body water and BMI measurements
  • High weight capacity 200kg
  • Large, low profile platform suitable for overweight or elderly patients
  • Instant data transfer via USB port, software available
  • Calibrated up to 300,000 uses with automatic calibration after each measurement


The Tanita SC240MA Body Composition Monitor – The Worlds First Lightweight, Medically Approved Scale with Body Composition Analyser

The SC240MA is a unique medically approved body weight scale incorporating the latest Tanita BIA technology to provide highly accurate and repeatable measurements, including body fat and body water. The SC240MA scales will also display weight and BMI readings on the large, easy to read display making it ideal for high frequency use. Weighing just 4.7kg, the scale is highly portable and ideal for field research. An inbuilt USB port allows simple data transfer to data capture software allowing less time consuming paperwork and increased accuracy.

The SC-240 MA is the lightest medically approved body composition monitor on the market, weighing just 4.7kg. It has been developed with input from healthcare, fitness and weight management professionals and its portability makes it ideal for mobile consultations, community work or field research studies. When used with GMON Professional Software, the SC-240 can be automatically set-up for personalised patient studies, capturing measurements and trend results in a variety of reporting formats.

Measurements taken using the SC240MA

Body fat %
Body water %

Measurements obtained using the software (sold seperately)

Body Fat %
Fat Mass
Fat Free Mass
Body Water %
Body Water Mass
Muscle Mass
Bone Mineral Mass
Visceral Fat Level
Basal Metabolic Rate
Metabolic Age

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MDD Approved NAWI


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