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Togu Exercise Ball

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Togu Exercise Ball with Anti-Burst System is the industry leader in top quality fitness equipment.

The Togu Powerball ABS has been designed for dynamic back and core stability training. The standard is guaranteed against bursting up to a weight of 90kg and the premium up to a weight of 170kg.

Please note: Upon receipt of your TOGU Exercise Ball the inflation diameter may not achieve the stated size. This is normal, the ball is compressed for transportation purposes. Initial use: Inflate the ball to a size 5-10cm below the required diameter. Leave for approximately one hour before inflating to full size.



Features of the Togu Powerball ABS:

  • A smooth, soft surface
  • The classic Togu double groove
  • Will not roll away when you stand up
  • Guaranteed not to burst when damaged, even during heavy use
  • Includes exercise poster

Finding the right size of Exercise Ball:

  • 55cm – suitable for height from: 156cm – 165cm
  • 65cm – suitable for height from: 166cm – 178cm
  • 75cm – suitable for height from: 178cm

What is a Powerball® Premium ABS®?

It is an inflatable and burst proof gymnastic ball made of an anti-burst material – made in Germany. The material called Crylon is odourless and very resilient (load up to 1000 kg/ anti-burst guarantee up to 170 kg). It is free of latex and contains no forbidden phthalates.

What is it good for?

This physio ball offers safety while sitting or performing exercises due to its anti-burst material which makes it guaranteed burst proof up to a 170 kg of dynamic load (See Explanation below). Sitting on the Powerball ABS can help to avoid back pain through an upright posture and counterbalancing moves of the body. Abdominal and back muscles can be strengthened through safe, efficient, and dynamic back and stability exercises.

How does it work?

While sitting on the ball an upright posture is assumed almost automatically by the upper body. At the same time the pelvic floor-, abdominal and back muscles are inevitably being used to counterbalance the body. This permanent activity strengthens the muscles.

How does it not burst?

The anti-burst material is a special molecular composition of the surface that prevents the ball from bursting even when damaged or penetrated by a sharp object. The molecular structure does not allow a hole to grow rapidly faster and rip the ball apart. In case of any damage, the ball loses air slowly and leaves enough time for its user to get off safely. There is a difference between the total load a ball can withstand when not damaged, and the maximum load that is allowed for the ball to stay burst proof even when harmed by an object.

The Powerball Premium ABS can withstand 1000kg undamaged and is guaranteed burst proof up to 170 kg when it becomes damaged.

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55cm, 65cm, 75cm


Blue, Silver, Orange



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