Yo-Yo Test

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The Yo-Yo Test CD is aimed at anyone who has an interest in evaluating the fitness level and fitness development of an individual. The Yo-Yo Tests are precise and simple tools to obtain important information about the fitness level of an individual whether it is a sedentary person or a top athlete.

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Testing is a useful and valid tool to obtain important information about the fitness status of an athlete. Such information provides the basis for carrying out a proper planning of training.

The Yo-Yo Tests are optimal because they are simple, valid and a high number of people can be tested in a short time without requiring anything other than a CD-player and a tape measure. The tests are used in many sports and by a high number of top clubs and National teams in soccer.

The Yo-Yo Tests provide an important tool in determining an individual’s fitness level. The physical capacity is evaluated in a fast and simple manner. Two markers are positioned at a distance of 20 meters. The enclosed CD-ROM is placed in a CD-player and the test can be performed. The participant runs like a Yo-Yo back and forth between the markers at a given speed that is controlled by the CD-ROM. The speed is regularly increased, and when the individual can no longer maintain the required speed, the test is ended and the result determined from the distance covered during the test.

Since each of the three tests has two levels they can be used by anyone, irrespective of training status. Level 1 should be for untrained and less trained individuals, and level 2 for well-trained athletes, There are three Yo-Yo Tests, each of which focuses on different aspects of physical performance.

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