zebris CMS20S Universal Measuring System for 3D Motion Analysis

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The zebris CMS20S System analyses 3D motion patterns using high-quality ultrasonic sensors and a range of easy-to-use accessory analytic software. Requiring little calibration and with a range of add-ons, the Zebris CMS20S is ideal for use in research or diagnosis as a powerful biometric measuring tool.

zebris has over 20 year’s experience in the world of biomechanics and is one of the leading suppliers of professional measuring systems for 3D movement measurement, with measuring systems shipped worldwide for application in science and everyday clinical usage.

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The zebris CMS20S is an innovative system that is fully equipped to measure and analyse 3D motions in a range of different situations. Using specialised ultrasonic markers that attach to the subject, the CMS20S system is able to calculate the transient motion of the head, neck and lumbar, as well as a subject’s posture and balance. Like many of zebris products, the system is controlled easily via USB connection.

Robust, Tailor-made Systems

The main sensor unit, along with it’s power pack, can be mounted onto a table or the floor using accompanying stands. This sensor is connected via USB to any commercially available PC, and collects data from up to 15 different sensors placed on the subject’s body. By measuring the travel time of each individual ultrasonic sensor, the system calculates a highly accurate reading of the subject’s movement in 3D space. The System has an overall scanning rate of 200 measurements per second, and boasts a high measuring accuracy due to the fully digitised conditioning of the signals sent. This makes the CMS20S a powerful tool and an essential addition to any consultant physiotherapist, orthopaedic surgery, or research laboratory.

The beauty of the CMS20S System comes from it’s high capacity for customisation. Such customisable upgrades (sold separately) include;

  • Ultrasonic markers for various spinal measurements (Cervical, Lumbar) as well as for the Trunk and Arm
  • Additional software for analysis of these markers, WinArm, WinSpine and WinSpine Triple
  • WinPosture software for analysis of stepping and provocation tests, to be used in conjunction with the POSTUROMED¬© therapy device
  • WinBalance software for Cranio-Corpo-Graphy (CCG) and completing Romberg’s and Unterberger’s equilibrium investigations
  • WinData, data evaluation software for motion analysis of movement disorders

This wide range of accompanying software and accessories allows the user to tailor the CMS20S to their own purposes, be it research or medical analysis.

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