Accutrend Triglyceride Strips

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Accutrend Triglyceride Test Strips are used for measurement of triglyceride values with the Accutrend Plus device.

There are 25 strips in the container.

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Accutrend Triglyceride Strips are meant for use with the Accutrend Plus meter.

The Accutrend Plus meter provides a quick and precise view of the blood lactate value in capillary blood tests.

Accutrend Plus uses specially designed superior quality test strips. The test strips contain:

  • a yellow protective mesh, impregnated with a surfactant (application field)
  • a glass fibre fleece that works as a separating layer for blood cells
  • a reaction film in which the colour formation takes place and
  • a barcode on the reverse side, which is read by the meter to confirm test strip identity, i.e. the lot number on the test strip is congruent with the stored code

These test strips are suitable for self-testing and are used to determine triglyceride values, providing accurate and reliable results.

Additional information

Sample Material

1 drop of capillary blood

Testing Time

174 Seconds

Measurement Range

70 – 600 mg/dl or 0.80 – 6.86 mmol/l


Room temperature






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