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Brower TCi Timing System

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The Brower TCi Timing System is an accurate mobile, wireless Timing System. All Systems are Smart ready and can be purchased with or without the Smart interface Timer that allows Bluetooth connectivity and is required to access the Brower Mobile App.

Extra gates can be purchased as well as a range of accessories such as a Display Board.

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‘Brower Timing Systems – the world leader in wireless timing’.

The NEW Brower TCi Timing System is a lightweight, compact, portable wireless timing system for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for a huge variety of sporting activities. The Brower Timing System is ideal for use by sports coaches for training and testing, track/speed evaluation as well as strength and conditioning.

New TCi Smart Interface Timer Features:

  • iOS and Android compatible, free and unlimited app downloads
  • Automatically upload times from TCi Timer to Smartphone in real time
  • Automatically match athlete name with time
  • Sortable results based on time, athletes or run number
  • Allows for control of timing from a smartphone
  • Exports results to CSV file

TCi Smart Start (Available with the 1 Gate Systems):

  • Motion Start with a keypad for entering athlete number
  • Automatically starts new time from the Smart Start
  • False starts are ignored
  • 5 Modes for starting
  • Compatible with Microphone or mechanical switches

TCi System:

  • Up to 1000 unique athlete ID numbers with 1000 Athlete Memory
  • Up to 20 splits
  • Better Channel separation when using multiple systems in the same area
  • Improved user interface

Backward compatible with components from 2009-2017 TC systems.

Additional information


1 Gate System, 2 Gate System, 1 Gate System with Bluetooth Timer, 2 Gate System with Bluetooth Timer

Backward compatible?

Yes with components from 2009-2017 TC systems



Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


  • New Radio transmission technology and frequency
  • 5 Selectable radio channels for multiple systems at one location
  • 3 Lines of numeric display to allow for cumulative split time calculations
  • 1/1000 of a second timing accuracy and display option
  • Miles or Meters per hour mode
  • Extended battery life in all components
  • Expanded memory and recall functions
  • New TCi Motion Start allows for new and creative timed tests
  • Athlete number assignment, allowing for times and test values to be identified and saved to a specific athlete
  • Test number assignment, this allows up to 8 customized tests to be performed and matched to a specific athlete
  • The TC-Timer captures the Athlete number, Test number, and times and saves the information in its memory.

2 reviews for Brower TCi Timing System

  1. izzywh84 (verified owner) Jun 10th 2019

    Ideal. I have the single gate system which is fine for my needs. I can always buy additional equipement later but its perfect for now. Thanks!

  2. meglewis (verified owner) Sep 13th 2019

    I’ve always used Brower kit. Easy to set up and reliable.

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