POWERbreathe Classic Mouthpiece

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POWERbreathe is designed to be as robust and durable as possible. With a little care, your POWERbreathe should last many years. However, a mouthpiece can become misplaced and therefore a replacement is required.

Please note: POWERbreathe breathing muscle trainers are for single person use only and an additional mouthpiece should not be used for multi-use but as a replacement only.

This is a replacement mouthpiece for all the models in the POWERbreathe Classic series. It is also suitable for the POWERbreathe Medic (approved for prescription in the UK in 2006).


Additional information

Replacement for

POWERbreathe Classic Series, POWERbreathe Classic Medic


Latex-free PVC



Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


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